Northwest Territories (NWT) Discovery Portal


Launch Discovery PortalThe NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP) and the GNWT Centre for Geomatics have recently launched an updated and improved version of the NWT Discovery Portal (http://nwtdiscoveryportal.enr.gov.nt.ca). The recent upgrades include better searching capabilities, improved map functions and the ability to upload multiple documents on one metadata record. The Portal now also has hundreds of records from the Polar Data Catalogue which houses results from the International Polar Year.
The NWT Discovery Portal is the most comprehensive online source for environmental monitoring knowledge in the Northwest Territories. The Portal is a search tool that allows users to access data, metadata and reports. It is also a share tool that allows users to contribute by uploading research and monitoring information.

The NWT Discovery Portal was initially developed as a joint initiative between the Government of the Northwest Territories, Centre for Geomatics; and the following departments of the Government of Canada: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Fisheries and Oceans and Natural Resources. As of April 1, 2014, following signing of the Devolution Final Agreement the NWT Discovery Portal is operated by the Government of the Northwest Territories, Centre for Geomatics and NWT CIMP.

For questions relating to the NWT Discovery Portal, please contact nwtcimp@gov.nt.ca or nwtdp@gov.nt.ca .