Northwest Territories (NWT) Discovery Portal

Launch Discovery Portal The NWT Discovery Portal is set to become most comprehensive online source for NWT environmental monitoring knowledge.  The portal is a search and share tool that allows users to both access data and reports as well as contribute by uploading research and monitoring information.

The NWT Discovery Portal is a repository of environmental information including traditional knowledge, baseline studies and monitoring, and scientific research. Monitoring information may be created through land-use planning, project-specific environmental impact assessments, and regulatory processes. The collection of monitoring knowledge is sourced, researched, and contributed by communities, industry proponents, environmental non-government organizations, interveners in regulatory processes, project review processes and government departments and agencies.

The NWT Discovery Portal is a joint initiative between the Government of the Northwest Territories (NWT Centre for Geomatics) and the Government of Canada (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Fisheries and Oceans, and Natural Resources).  The two levels of government and their respective departments have created the NWT Discovery Portal in order to provide a common and primary source for discovering, storing and sharing environmental monitoring knowledge.