November 1, 2022
Indigenous Mapping Collective

Now you can find maps, training, and data on Indigenous themes via our Resources page on our website!  Simply click on the "Resources" link, then navigate to the "Source" box where you will find the link to the Indigenous resources.  Everything from places names to training, you will find everyth

April 28, 2022

Jurjen Van Der Sluijs, Unmanned Aerial Systems Coordinator, presented at GeoIgnite this past spring on permafrost slumps in the north.  The Northwest Territories is among the world’s most rapidly changing landscapes due to climate-induced permafrost thaw.  The full article and video presentation

August 13, 2021

A Long-Term Change Detection project was initiated by the NWT Centre for Geomatics in response to client demand to monitor various changes on the NWT Landscape.  This included anthropogenic change such as seismic lines and other industry related activities, and climate driven or natural changes l