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The NWT Centre for Geomatics offers a wide range of corporate training services for the Government of Northwest Territories employees on the wide variety of platforms that we have to offer, including those listed below.

Web Map Viewers:

We offer customized training for the number of web map viewers that we host. From the Spatial Data Viewer, to the Elections Web Map, we can provide group or one on one training on how to use and operate these tools.

Software Training:

We can also facilitate the usage of hundreds of online training modules offered for free or covered by our maintenance with our software vendors. Students can earn valuable software certifications that can enhance their skills and competence.

Customized User Group Training:

Group training can be coordinated for software or tools offered by the NWT Centre for Geomatics.  Training may be provided by in-house staff or provided by external vendors. 

Capacity Development Training and Outreach:

The NWT Centre for Geomatics is keenly interested in the promotion of its resources and the geomatics sector to GNWT employees and members of the public.  Where resources allow, we can support requests for specialized group training on basic GIS, Remote Sensing and open resources including community groups and schools in the NWT.  Please emails us for more information.




Video Tutorials and Other Resources

"Our Northern Heritage - Mapping the NWT"- Video

This video explores the history of mapping in the Northwest Territories, from ancient times with Indigenous trail mapping to more exploratory times with Samuel Hearne and Alexander Mackenzie.  There are also several interviews with key figures from the geomatics community in the north, who discuss the heritage and development of mapping and the NWT Centre for Geomatics, and where things are heading from a geomatics perspective in the future. 

Mineral Tenure Web Map User Manual:
"USER MANUAL - Version1.0 NWT Mineral Tenure Map Viewer"
Inventory of Landscape Change Web Map User Guide:
"USER GUIDE – Version 2.0 CIMP Inventory of Landscape Change Web Map"