Raster Based Map Services

Our Raster Base Maps are broken into three folders:

The GNWT_Basemaps folder contains the following:

Metadata associated with each of these services can be found in the service description at the REST endpoint.

The Mosaics folder contains all of our Raster Mosaic WMS Services:

Full descriptions of each of these Mosaics can be found on the service page.

The Utilities folder contains the following services:

  •  Utilities/Geometry 
    • The Geometry service is used by application developers to perform geometric calculations and web editing
  • Utilities/PrintingTools
    •  The PrintingTools service is used by web application developers to export the contents of a webmap to pdf, jpeg, png or other formats. This service is generally used in the context of providing applications with printing functionality.
  • Utilities/RasterUtilities
    •  The RasterUtilities service contains tools that enable raster analysis and processing.
  • Utilities/Search_indexer 
    • The Search_indexer service works alongside with the associated Search service to index your organization's GIS content. Do not delete this service independent of the associated search service.

Please note that the quality of the viewed image may depend on how the software package interprets the WMS.