NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP) Inventory of Landscape Change Web Viewer

You can use the Inventory of Landscape Change Webviewer to visualize and download spatial data related to human and natural disturbance in the Northwest Territories (NWT). One of NWT CIMP's objectives is to determine trends in environmental quality, potential contributing factors to changes and the significance of those trends.

The launch of the Webviewer is an exciting milestone as the program moves towards making human and natural disturbance information available to a wide range of users through a publically accessible website. An up-to-date inventory of disturbances and other changes on the landscape provides the foundation for monitoring and assessing cumulative effects and is a critical piece to the success of regulatory environmental assessment, wildlife and habitat management, forest management planning, and cumulative effects management and modeling. This information will also benefit Aboriginal governments and other stakeholders by providing a picture of current and historic development that has occurred in the NWT.



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